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We build bespoke investment portfolios. Understanding your goals and making them our own is what makes us unique.

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The BiBO Model

Our approach to wine investment is unique, thanks to 3 core competencies:

Our absolute focus on investor goals. Wine is a malleable tool that if applied correctly can achieve a range of investment goals, but only with a deep understanding of what those goals are.

Our wine analysis process. By building an accurate understanding of each wine’s market profile and investment characteristics, we can appropriately apply the right composition of wines when constructing portfolios.

Our leveraging of technology in our sourcing. Using our BiBO proprietary stock matching algorithm we are faster than the competition, and crucially we are unencumbered by the pressures of allocation relationships or stock ownership. We only work with exceptional wines, sourced bespoke for our investors.

The BiBO Model
BiBO Wine Investment Analysis

BiBO Wine Analysis and Categorisation

We utilise a combination of third party data, and our own internal BiBO metrics to analyse and categorise investment wines into segments that reflect their investment characteristics potential utility within a portfolio.  

We combine quality metrics such as brand power, critic scores & vintage reputation with pricing data to understand each case’s risk profile, based on overall volatility, liquidity and price opacity. We can then model the risk adjusted return potential and timeline of each wine. 

In doing so we are able to place wines into one of three BiBO wine investment segments: Stable Core, Diversified Growth, Alpha Generation. By creating a specific distribution from these investment segments based on your investment profile we ensure that your wine investment portfolio is totally aligned with your goals.

Goal Aligned Portfolio Construction

Each portfolio needs to have a correctly balanced array of wines to align correctly with an investor’s goals and timelines. 

By understanding each case’s unique investment utility, we can ensure the sum of these parts makes an aligned whole. It is crucial that every case is considered within the context of the wider portfolio and the investor’s goals. 

We believe that whatever your portfolio goals are, there is a BiBO wine investment that can meet your needs.

Wine Investment Portfolio Construction

A rigourous process tailored to you

At BiBO, Wine Investment is incredibly simple. There is no complex management or needless thrills, just an effective methodology executed efficiently.


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