Our mission is to turn your passion into profit.

How do we do this?

It begins with having a deep understanding of our clients. We uncover our client’s goals, attitudes to risk and timelines before even discussing the wines we would recommend.

Then we match our clients to the correct portfolio type, ensuring an accurate and appropriate distribution to the differing segments of investment grade wine, creating bespoke collections to fit each client’s profile. Each wine will fulfil a different role within a portfolio, we know that this level of understanding is essential for a successful investment.

Next, our unique competitive advantage; we leverage technology to algorithmically source only the highest-ever iterations of the most sought after wines. Our high watermark investment philosophy ensures that our clients are only allocated wines that are the most sought after. Given a truly global demand and constricting supply we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of price gains and create successful exit opportunities. As our unique sourcing means we are not tied into En Primeur campaigns, nor bound to support producers (with their full range of wines, whether investment worthy or not). We can purchase and sell with no conflict of interest.

This capability is bespoke to BiBO and no other wine merchant or broker can offer this.

Finally, we ensure that our clients receive world class service and management. We provide monthly valuations, ongoing analysis and commit to optimising exit timing. As well as providing world class storage through our Private Client Reserves.

You should never settle for less than the best. Welcome to BiBO.