With Christmas just around the corner, we will be looking into some of the best wine gifts guaranteed to bring a smile to all the wine connoisseurs in your life. From luxury tableware to gadgets and gizmos, these gifts cover all grounds. Hopefully, this will make the search for the perfect wine gift a little easier.

Soft Machine Crystal Sommelier Corkscrew

Atelier du Vin


Sleek and simple, this corkscrew was ergonomically designed to uncork your wine one smooth motion. This gift is great for people who want their loved ones to have the highest quality wine kit in their kitchen drawers. With a foil cutter included in the mechanism, it will be a great addition to any wine lover’s kitchen.

The Masterkit 54 Aromas

Le Nez du Vin


If the wine lover in your life likes to drink wine, but would like to know even more about it, this is the perfect gift for them. Le Nez du Vin produces extensive learning aids to help with wine tasting, and this is just one of their unique tools. The lucky recipient of this gift will be able to improve their olfactory memory, which in turn will improve their wine tasting experience. Many rave about the progress they make after using one of Jean Lenoir’s tools, be it in their sensory development or even improving their tasting vocabulary.

The Wine Glass

Richard Brendon


Richard Brendon’s product design expertise and Jancis Robinson’s encyclopedic wine knowledge combine here to make a wine glass perfect for all wine types, irrespective of its age or colour. This could be a sophisticated addition to any wine lover’s tableware set. Despite their elegance, they are dishwasher safe, so have the added bonus of being hassle-free.




What is perhaps one of the most innovative gadgets to appear on the wine scene this century, The Pivot, by Coravin was designed to preserve wine for up to 4 weeks. This is a perfect gift for wine lovers who live alone, or like to have multiple bottles on the go and need an ingenious way to preserve it. Claiming to ensure that the last glass of wine left in your bottle is just as good as the first, the Pivot uses Argon gas to replace the wine that was once in the bottle, removing the pressure on having to finish the bottle, or worse, throw it away.

Grow Your Own Red Wine

Not On The Highstreet


This gift is great for those who enjoy reaping the rewards of DIY projects. If you have a loved one who enjoys gardening as much as they love wine, this gift is a winner. They may even end up with a new favourite drink!

Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses



These glasses are the perfect wine gift for white wine and rose drinkers. With an inbuilt cooling gel, this will keep your wine chilled for longer. Just store this glass in the freezer, and within an hour you’ll have the perfectly chilled glass of wine.

‘Corksicle’ Wine Chiller & Aerator

John Lewis


This gadget is perfect for those who want a quick solution to decanting their wine, with the option to chill it, too. The ‘Corkcicle’ is able to bring red wine down to cellar temperature in 15 minutes, and chill white wine for up to an hour. This nifty cork could be a perfect stocking filler for any wine lover.

Automatic Wine Bottle Opener



This bottle opener will make your Christmas cork-popping easy. Just slide the device over the neck of the bottle, and with a click of a button, the electric corkscrew will neatly cut the foil and effortlessly remove the cork. It even claims to open your bottle in just 6 seconds! Truly one of the best functional wine gifts.

The Wine Wand


£53 (8-Pack)

If your loved one is a wine fanatic, but suffers from terrible wine headaches, this gift could provide them with the fix they’ve been waiting for. This wand has an inbuilt filter that removes sulfites and histamines, which are culprits of the dreaded hangover.

Wine Bottle Belt Thermometer



This thermometer wraps around your bottle and will send you a notification once the wine is perfect drinking temperature. The app even offers tasting tips, food pairing recommendations and a glassware guide, too, so this gadget would be great for both wine newbies and geeks.

Epare Pocket Wine Aerator



This wine aerator will provide wine drinkers with perfectly aerated wine on-the-go, and won’t take as long as traditional decanting methods. Decanting your wine can take hours, and you may often find yourself without the option to decant. This gadget will help any fussy wine drinker who wants to achieve the best flavour possible from their wine, whether that’s at a picnic, a party or a dinner.