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Most frequent questions and answers

Starting a wine collection with the expert help of BiBO is easy. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss exactly what you hope to achieve from your wine collection. We’ll be able to talk you through tasting notes, investment potential and storage solutions.

Absolutely. If you want us to manage your collection, we are certainly able to help.

You can move your wine into our bonded storage account at London City Bond’s Vinotheque, where we are able to adjust your portfolio easy as per your request and instruction.

Outside of its history and value, wine has been a sought after collectable for centuries. 

There are two reasons people enjoy collecting wines:

  1. Their ageing potential: Storing wine with the goal of waiting until its taste is fully developed is great for those who love a full-bodied and mature wine.
  2. Their investment potential: Due to the appreciating value of certain Bordeaux and Burgundies, many people begin collecting wine in hopes that it’ll one day provide a high rate of monetary return.

Firstly, you should find a storage solution that suits your needs. This could be a home cellar, or starting a storage contract with a bonded warehouse.

Secondly, collecting wine with the expert help of our professionals will give you the guidance. and support necessary to succeed in your personal needs and goals. This is also a great way to ensure you avoid being scammed, which is sadly a far too often occurance in the wine industry.

Above all, keeping track of your portfolio will help you to manage your collection, whilst also being able to track its value and highlight where you might require more diversification.

This depends entirely on your situation. Whilst the accessibility of having your wine at home might sound ideal, there are several benefits to storing your wine in a bonded warehouse.

Firstly, Not everyone has the space for an at-home storage solution. Equally, if you want to store your wine at home, you will have to pay wine duty, which will be an added cost.

When you store your wine in a bonded warehouse, you also have the peace of mind that it is being looked after in a specialised facility, as well as having proof of provenance of its location, making it more appealing to buyers if you choose to sell your collection.


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