En Primeur is the French term for ‘Wine Futures’. This refers to the process of purchasing wine while it is still in barrel, before it has been bottled. A concept born in ‘La Place’ the Bordeaux E.P. Campaign typically takes place during the first summer after the harvest. The concept has now been extended to other regions, most notably the September ‘La Place’ Releases and Burgundy En Primeur which typically takes place in January.

Wines that are sold en primeur are some of the most sought after in the world. It is the chance to buy them, usually, at their lowest possible price and with impeccable provenance. Investors and collectors see en primeur as an opportunity to buy vintage wines whilst they are still in the primary market. Getting access to the best wines requires industry relationships, something our team has built up over a number of years; we look forward to assisting you with the next En Primeur campaign.