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Based on your financial needs and commitments, tell us about your investment goals and we can advise how wine as an alternative asset can help you to achieve them

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We are the only company to commit to your exit. Any wines bought by us on our client’s behalf, we guarantee to repurchase from the investor when the time comes to exit.

Personalised Investment

Every client will be assessed to ensure we understand each individual’s goals, timelines and risk tolerances. Our investors portfolios are designed around their needs, not simply by what stock is available.

No Hidden Costs

We do not add acquisition fees, or unnecessary management fees. Our key skill is in our ability to source the right wines undermarket allowing us to put clients in at the best possible price.

Portfolio Management

You will have access to our proprietary portfolio management tool. A tool where you can view current prices, analyse and review 1,000’s of wines and crucially verify our price versus the open market.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Essentially, investment-grade wine is one which appreciates in value over time as a result of its increasing quality and rarity.

Grand Cru wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy are some of the most popular and renowned investment-grade wines.

There are many reasons why wine is a worthwhile investment:

  • It is a great way to diversify any financial investment portfolio.
  • The fine wine market does not directly correlate to stock market trends and frequently outperforms traditional investment options.
  • Fine wine investment is known for its stability and and low risk.
  • Demand for fine wine is consistently higher than supply.
  • If your wine does not appreciate, you can always enjoy it as a drink. 

There is no one rule about how much wine you should invest in. We recommend speaking to one of our experts to decide upon an investment plan that is tailored to your situation, needs and expectations.

As with most investments, especially futures, you are more likely to enjoy gains mid- to long-term. So, minimum five years, but ten years would be ideal.

It is common to see wines increase in demand as its scarcity appreciates. So, as long as this remains the case, it is usually easy to sell investment wine.

As with any investment, there is always an element in risk. With wine, the risks are slightly different to traditional investments such as stocks and shares:

  • Your wine could be damaged or lost as a result of poor management or storage.
  • It is not guaranteed that your wine will appreciate in value. 
  • Unfortunately, there are a number of wine scams due to the production of fake bottles. Don’t fall  victim to this, and do plenty of research before choosing your investment pathway.

At BiBO, we are dedicated to creating a solution that is unique to your personal needs and desires. With a 5-star TrustPilot rating, we consistently provide clients with the knowledge and support to create a successful portfolio of fine wine.

We store all investment wines at London City Bond’s state-of-the-art storage facility, Vinotheque, situated in Burton-On-Trent.

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