If you choose to sell wine with Bibo, we will provide you with two offers—a cash offer, and a broking offer.

Both of these offers are the net amounts you will receive, inclusive of all costs and commissions, with no hidden fees.

Our brokerage route is a simple way for you to sell your wine for maximum return. BiBO will act as a broker, helping you to sell your wines to our extensive networks of global clients. Once a buyer has been found and the sale agreed, you will be notified with a sales update and paid within 28 days.

You will be provided with a client login to our website, so that throughout the process  you can easily keep track of your portfolio as it is sold.

Our cash route is a simple way for you to unlock quick value with an outright sale of your wine. Once they have been confirmed to be in the correct condition, BiBO will buy the cases outright, paying clients the day after confirmation.

Both of these routes help you to sell your wines for the maximum amount of money within the timeline that suits you best. With both routes, you will have a dedicated Account Manager, automated updates to keep you informed throughout the process, and an expert team ensuring the sale is concluded efficiently.