We are the only investment proposition with an offering modelled around the alignment of investor goals and timelines to investment stock using our unique stock alignment model.

In order to achieve our objective, we have crafted a BiBO categorisation model that is applicable to both investors and investment wines. Additionally, we have developed a custom sourcing software that enables us to obtain stock for investors at the lowest possible market price, or even below it. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to maintaining impartiality and transparency in all our operations. The BiBO model ensures that we operate independently, without any conflicts of interest arising from ties to merchants or allocations. By procuring your investments at the most advantageous price, we prioritise complete openness and fairness. Your resulting portfolio is meticulously curated based on rigorous investment research, guaranteeing our unwavering commitment to your financial success, completely untainted by any external influences.

The BiBO Model

In addition to our comprehensive model, we ensure that our incentives are fully aligned with yours, granting you the freedom of choice. Unlike many investment firms, whilst we can offer a total management solution, we do not impose any restrictions on where you store your assets. You have the autonomy to store them with us or opt for another preferred option. Likewise, you have the flexibility to sell your investments through us or explore alternative channels. We firmly believe that our ongoing service and outstanding performance will naturally cultivate a lasting relationship with our valued clients. However, we respect and acknowledge that the ultimate decision rests entirely in your hands. Your autonomy is highly regarded, and we are fully committed to earning your trust through our unwavering dedication and proven results.

Know Your Client (KYC)

We Know Our Investors.

We have designed 5 distinct investment profiles to cater to the diverse needs of investors, ensuring that you are connected with the most suitable portfolio for your specific requirements. These profiles encompass a wide range of financial goals, risk attitudes, and preferred timelines. To construct a portfolio that perfectly aligns with your objectives, each profile is associated with a specific weighted composition of wines. This allows us to strategically assign appropriate wine types to fulfil the desired percentage values. By adopting this approach, our aim is to act in a more objective and efficient manner, acknowledging and respecting the uniqueness of each individual’s goals.

Tailoring To Your Investment Goals

Investment Stock Categorisation.

In order to achieve a precise and efficient categorisation of wines for the allocation process, we rely on our proprietary BiBO method, carefully customised to suit our specific requirements. This method seamlessly combines the objective investment criteria mentioned earlier with our internally developed BiBO metrics. Through this integrated approach, we classify stocks into 16 distinct segments based on their geographical attributes and intrinsic financial characteristics. Subsequently, we associate them with one of three investment profiles, which comprehensively take into account the overall risk and timeline considerations. Our extensive expertise in the field, coupled with meticulous testing, has consistently validated the accuracy and reliability of these profiles. They provide invaluable insights into the associated risks and timeline implications for each wine, empowering us to make well-informed investment decisions.

Sourcing Software

Our competitive advantage.

Through extensive efforts, we have created a proprietary sourcing software. This software empowers us with access to multiple exchanges and marketplaces via API feeds simultaneously, granting us a significant competitive advantage in identifying investment opportunities that perfectly align with our established criteria. Its advanced capabilities allow for automatic matching of targeted items that meet our strict investment criteria, streamlining the decision-making process and ensuring efficient and accurate investments. Moreover, we possess the capability to swiftly identify and source customised investment options that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued clients. With the aid of this program, we can confidently guarantee that you will enter the market at or below the lowest market price each and every time, providing you with an advantageous position in your investment endeavours.

Once both parties have established a shared understanding and crafted a comprehensive plan, the real pleasure lies in implementing the agreed strategy. We deeply acknowledge that constructing a portfolio to meet diverse investment goals necessitates a profound comprehension of both the client and the appropriate stock. Furthermore, we strongly believe that this construction process should be transparent, clearly elucidated, and actively involve the client’s participation and awareness. After all, what is the purpose of investing in a passion asset if you cannot experience the excitement and enthusiasm that come with discussing and shaping your holdings? This entire process revolves around ensuring that not only the investment itself aligns with your needs, but also that the management style harmonises with your preferences and objectives.