We have designed our wine investment proposition to promote transparency and simplicity. Involving the client at every step, and ensuring an alignment of incentives. 

After completing our qualifying KYC process with one of our investment team, we will curate your individual wine investment profile. This profile will be composed of our interpretation of your core goals and tolerances relating to risk, timeline, investment purpose and so on. It will be used as a constant reference to guide the subsequent buying strategy and management to ensure we remain aligned.

The construction of your portfolio will then begin in either a discretionary or advisory capacity depending on your preference. Every single wine that we suggest and subsequently acquire will have been analysed thoroughly within our proprietary methodology. You will be able to request an explanation of the theory behind a proposed purchase at your leisure. Equally, condition reports for each case purchased can be provided on request. All wines will have undergone our stringent condition report process to ensure provenance and condition, with only perfect wines sold for investment.

Every single case will be purchased at or below the lowest UK market price. The price paid for each investment case will have zero investment or management fees attached. Consequently investing with BiBO ensures that your entry into the market is completed at the very best possible point every time.

While invested with BiBO you are welcome to store your wines with us in a segregated bonded account. This is within London City Bond’s Eton Park branch where your wines will enjoy total security and perfect conditions. Throughout your carry period an investment manager will provide you with insights and updates. Alongside this you will be provided with access to your own free portal to stay up to date with prices and review investment statistics.

When the time is right, or you wish to exit from your position, we are committed to helping you exit according to where your portfolio sits within our tiered broking commission structure.

The exit commission is applied on a high watermark basis. For example, if you hold a portfolio with a value of £100,000. All cases exited with BiBO will have 8.5% commission applied. Thereby allowing staggered exits while maintaining your advantageous rate for all cases.

This is once again a crucial moment in your investment journey where we ensure our incentives remain aligned. Ultimately the more money your investment makes, the more money we make with you.

Wine Investment should be incredibly simple. Hard work an analysis takes place before a purchase is made. Once identified, a perfect condition case is bought at the best possible price. It is stored until mature, and then sold for max value. There is no complex management or needless thrills, just an effective methodology executed efficiently. Both broker and client remain entirely aligned with joint goals and the result is an effective transparent investment relationship.